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Shidduch in Amuka

Shomer Shabbat Only


But if you are still single!!!

Let the “Rashbi” help in finding your Bashert Shidduch & Zivug, Exclusively Jewish and and Shomer Shabbat only.

Tzidkat Rashbi has created a unique personalized one of a kind, shidduchem service for Shomer Shabbat. We combine the accessibility of email and the personal touch of a shadchan to offer a shidduch that meets your unique personality and needs.

Try us when all has failed.

Our prospects are screened for Jewish, Shomer Shabbat and willing to keep Taharat Hamishpacha. It’s confidential and personalized.

All you have to do is sign up and fill out a questionnaire and we will send you matches by email. We then search our data base of Rashbi supporters who have sent us shidduch requests and try to match you with a compatible profile. We review profiles sent to us and do our best to match you with an appropriate match. When we feel we have an suitable match for you, we then email the profile without any name or contact information to each of the prospects for their approval.

When two members both agree to exchanging emails, Tzidkat Rashbi will forward you contact emails so you can communicate between each other. You can decide when to exchange phone numbers and other details.

There is no face to face meeting with us.

We do not advertise any profiles of our prospects online. We do not include any contact information or picture. If the Profile is not satisfactory to you, you will notify us by email so that we can start sending you suggestions again. 

Additionally our full time  Yeshiva in Amukah which is the only Yeshiva studying in Amuka every day of the year in our  Bet Hamedrash will pray for you until you find your Shidduch.

Why is unique about our service?

There are basically three different methods of finding your soulmate.

  • A local Shadchan

  • Online dating

  • Online dating combining a shadchan


There is NO BROWSING of other member profiles or pictures. We selects profiles of potential matches and email you their profile.

We offer an unbiased opinion of an appropriate match and you make the ultimate decision.


We are not limited to locality. We offer shidduchem from around the world as long as they agree to relocate to the same location. We can put together a shidduch from Africa and Los Angeles.

Most of our prospects are part of the Rashbi in house list. They either have donated to Tzidkat Rasbi or sent prayers to Meron and Amukah. This is an indication of who our prospects are.

We can help when others have failed

We are not limited to a specific area.Our worldwide global database of prospects gives you a better chance of finding a Zivug and match.Our database is only shomer shabbat.We do not accept applications from non shomer shabbat.We search for a match willing to live in an agreed location of both prospects.When all you have done in your local network has failed, give us a try.

​​​​The benefit of a Shadchan

The first recorded shadchan was G-d who made the match between Adam and Eve. Later on in the Torah we see Eliezer as the shadchan trying to find a match for his master Avraham’s son Yitzchak and of course he comes back with Rachel. We all know that G-d has our matches preordained in heaven and yet our matches are not revealed to us, we are supposed to search for our beshert.

Finding your "Bashert" is not an easy task as "Chazal" say its equivalent to the splitting of the Red Sea. The Medresh asks, what is the almighty doing since he created the world? The Medresh answers, he is matching and making shidduchem.

That is why we refer to a shidduch as a "bashert" which in Yiddish means, "chosen one", referring to being chosen by the Hashem.

There are two options in finding your bashert. You can look for your bashert yourself or you can be introduced to your bashert by someone else, called a shadchan or matchmaker.

Lo and behold. A shidduch done by a Shadchan tends to stick.

A Shidduch is destiny from heaven. A Shadchan is only a messenger from Hashem, especially when done as a chesed.


​Safety & Privacy

The list is relatively safe. It's not a random online dating service. We give you the confidence that you are corresponding with someone who is legitimate and sincere in getting married. We require all applicants to supply their full name, address, phone number and a referral. Tzidkat Rashbi keeps all identifying details and referrals confidential. You decide when and what information to give to the other party.


Shidduch Luach in Amuka

Have your name listed on the Luach in our Yeshiva in Amuka. The Chavrai HaKollel of our Yeshiva in Amuka will recite your name every day at the kever of Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel in Amuka until you find your Shidduch.



Submit a Shidduch Prayer to Amuka

Our Kollel in Amukah at the Kever of Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel will pray for you until you find your shidduch

You are invited to Send A Free Prayer to Amuka regardless of submitting an application

Contact us by phone US: 718-9715901, UK: 442070237509, Israel: 03-9786240

We can help
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