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Lag B'Omer Miracles

The many stories of salvation draw more and more desperate and embittered people to the grave-site, each person with the heavy burden which he carries on his shoulders.

Whoever has merited being there immediately gets swept away by emotions of elevation and excitement which moisten the eyes and instantly recalls the heart-felt prayers and the intense thoughts of repentance; the opportunity to pray at the grave site of the holy Rashbi.

And whoever has not yet merited being there – feels a strong yearning and desire to be there, and hopes and aspires and promises himself: ‘the time will come, with G-d’s help, that I, too, will visit Meron on Lag B’omer.

With the giving of charity and the uttering of heartfelt prayers on this precious spot, they draw on the reserve of holiness and power etched in the stone and vested in the earth surrounding the resting place of Reb Shimon.

The prayers at his grave bring on miracles.  Countless stories of salvation come forth and many people throughout the years have merited personal salvation after visiting the grave-site.

Even more incredible are the stories of those who lend a helping hand to the organization and contribute their time and money to this project by donating money. Their merit is beyond description! Countless Jews support the organization with their donations, and thereby enable other Jews to visit the holy site and pray for their own personal salvation.

You can also be a partner by donating Chai Rotel!


In “Tal Yerushalem” Rabbi Y.L. Harinstein (one of the sages of Jerusalem 100 years ago) writes: I myself witnessed two people who had large amounts of drink, and asked everyone to partake. I inquired what the reason for this was, and they related that both were childless, one for fourteen years, and one for ten years. When coming to Meron they called out so that all could hear, "I hereby pledge eighteen rotel of drink in honour of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, and in this merit I ask to be granted a son within the year". Both were indeed granted their wish, and now, after three years they returned for the hair-cutting ceremony, and to fulfill their vow.

This I heard from them myself. Jews in recent times, too, have experienced miraculous yeshuot - long-barren woman were blessed with children; sick people whom medicine could not help were healed; older singles found shidduchim; and countless other people were helped in many ways.

Moshe S. was searching for a shidduch for years. Last Lag B’Omer, he called Tzidkat Rashbi, and sponsored Chai Rotel mashke. He met his kallah just one week later.
Baila had been married eleven years and was childless. She told her husband about Chai Rotel, and they decided to do it. Five weeks later, Baila conceived. Her beautiful son, now a year-and-a-half old is her pride and joy. Shalom Tzidkat Rashbi. Thank you for your acknowledgement of my donation to Chai Rotel.

Gavriyah bat Sarah survived cancer and is now in complete remission B"h Teffiloth work!

Following is a miraculous miracle story we received.

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From: esther_coltof@
Name: Esther


Comments: Shalom,

I just want to tell you about the miracle that happened to me. After my First-born Son I had problems with pregnancies. I had 9 miscarriages and the Doctors gave up on me. I\'ve been to many doctors and the last thing they wanted to try is an IVF-treatment. I had already an appointment and the medicines (injections) that I needed for the treatment.

On Lag BaOmer we went for the first time to Meron, after a religious woman advised me to go. I prayed there with all my heart for a baby and a brother/sister for my son who was 9 years old at that time. One week after L\"BaOmer I dreamt that I give birth and the dream was so real that I felt the contractions.

3 weeks after Lag Ba\'omer I had to cancel the treatment because I was pregnant and 9 months later Jonathan Shimon was born. It took 10 years but it was worth it!
After Jonathan Shimon was born I went there again to say Thanks, and 3 weeks later I was again pregnant and Daniel Yisrael was born 9 months later.

The pregnancies were also a big miracle but that\'s too much to write down. If you\'re interested in the whole story you can write me by email.

Esther Ben Yosef
To: esther_coltof@

I’m from Holland, and my native language is Dutch. But I also speak German and French.
So hereby I’ll tell you the rest of my story.....

The pregnancy of Jonathan Shimon was not easy and he was born very small, but Baruch Hashem he’s a very healthy 5 year old boy today.

When I was 8 weeks pregnant of Daniel I went for an ultrasound to check if there is a heartbeat and the doctor told me that he had bad news for me.... There was no heartbeat and he showed me the bloodstains in the uterus on the screen. He told me that if I will not lose the fetus naturally within a week I should go to the Hadassah-Hospital for curettage. Outside I started to cry and my 12 year old son said to me:“Ima, don’t worry, I promise you that everything will be alright. The doctor was wrong “I told him: “honey, I know you want another brother or sister but the doctor really told me that it is not ok. “ Again he said....No; I feel that this time you don’t need to worry.

So I went a week later to the hospital.... Before the curettage they made a last ultrasound and the woman said: “Mazzal tov, you can go back home...I see a heartbeat!

“ I was surprised but very very happy. Then when I was 5 months I had to go for another Ultrasound. Again I got very bad news....This time I had almost no amniotic fluid in the uterus anymore. The doctor said that there is almost no chance that the baby will survive and he advised me to abort the baby. I went to three different doctors for advice and they all said the same thing. One (an orthodox doctor) told me I could try but he didn’t give the baby a big chance. I lied down a lot and prayed for this baby. Every week I went for an ultrasound and every week I had a little bit more fluid. At the end of the pregnancy everything was back to normal and I gave birth to a beautiful boy.

I told my story to 2 women who wanted to get pregnant for a long time. One was trying already 2 years and another one for 10 years. They also got pregnant the same month after they went to Meron to pray and they both had healthy children.

I studied from this that you cannot trust anybody in this world, just Hakadosh Baruchu! I’m very thankful for those wonderful gifts that Hashem gave me.

Best regards.

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