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Hospitality in Tzfat

Nonstop nourishment for body and soul

For many people, Mt. Meron has become synonymous with the holiday of Lag BaOmer. This is the yahrzeit (anniversary of the death) of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai (author of the Zohar, the main mystical text of Judaism), who is buried atop this small hill in Upper Galilee. Hundreds of thousands of visitors converge on the site to light bonfires, to dance and sing in his memory, and to ask him to intercede for them for good health, help finding a spouse, help having children or help making a livelihood.

And Mt. Meron and Rebbe Shimon are then forgotten for another year by most people.

However, an increasing number of people have started to come more frequently to Meron and Tzfat, on the festivals (Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot), the Shabbat when the blessing for the new month is recited, and even on a regular Shabbat. And many return with stories of the tremendous hospitality center which provides delicious Shabbat meals, cakes, kugels, drinks and wine for kiddush to all who come, no questions asked.

There are several groups providing this hospitality. One is a chassidic Tzfat family continuing the tradition. The Grinwald family has been regularly providing food for visitors to Tzfat on Shabbat.

Reb Shlomo Grinwald wanted to offer these visitors a Shabbat of Joy and Spirituality, they will not forget , so he and his wife Devora decided to provide full Shabbat meals.

Devora, together with her children as they grew up, was there serving the visitors every single Shabbat, every festival and other important dates in the calendar which brought visitors to Tzfat.


The number of visitors and the requests for meals continues to grow.

From where does the money come for all these meals? Reb Shlomo, laughs when asked. “It comes somehow from good people everywhere.

“People now consider it a privilege to be part of this special project,” says Reb Shlomo.

Reb Shlomo Grinwald davens in Shalom Rav (Mekarev) off Kikar Tzhal

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