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Helping the Needy Celebrate Passover
  • Passover 2024 will be celebrated from Monday evening April 22 through Tuesday evening April 30. The first Seder will be on Monday evening April 22, and the second Seder will be on Tuesday evening April 23.

  • Passover is celebrated by eating matzah (unleavened bread), drinking 4 cups of wine, and maror (bitter herbs).

  • For the duration of the 8 (or 7 days in Israel) of Passover, chametz (leaven) is strictly avoided.

Fish and Meat Distribution

Rashbi Meron Passover aid
The communities of Tzfat and Miron and so many more in Jerusalem are struggling to survive during this difficult period of time.
Tzidkat Rashbi provides the pious people of Tzfat, Miron, and Yerushlaim with all holiday needs so that the residents of the holy cities can experience the true meaning of liberation this Passover.
Give them something to smile about

In the month preceding Passover, huge quantities of food are ordered and dozens of volunteers are recruited – all in anticipation for this immense annual undertaking.


As everyone knows, expenses for the holiday of Passover are very costly. In addition to special Seder items like matzot and wine, it is customary for families to replace their cupboards with food kosher for Passover. Single-parent families and families with limited incomes experience great financial stress as the holiday approaches.


With the assistance of  Tzidkat Rashbi, they can enjoy the special joy of Passover with the serenity that one can only feel when one’s holiday needs have been met. Passover packages contain matzot, beef, chicken, fish, wine, oil, eggs, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, and fresh fruit and vegetables. All the food is of the finest quality. Like all of Tzidkat Rashbi programs, the packages are distributed in a dignified manner, in accordance with the holiday spirit.




The Jewish people made it a holy tradition to give MAOS CHITIM, a charity for the Passover holiday to make sure that even the very poorest of our brothers have enough for the holiday, Hundreds of our poor brethren in Meron and Tzfat and other places in Israel, who are in dire need of financial assistance, are waiting for our help.
And a tremendous merit and z’chut also goes to those who support Tzidkat Rashbi during this important time. Let the words “all who are hungry, come and eat” be more than just words. Please, give today. 
Help us – Help them! We cannot turn them down! We will not turn them down!


This Pesach, as in the past, they will benefit from our “MAOS CHITIM RELIEF FUND”, they are waiting for our help.


With the merit of your assistance, we will be able to bring the final liberation to this year’s Seder table, rich and poor alike. A small donation can illuminate the lives of countless precious souls, and bring blessings tenfold for the Jewish nation as a whole. Who can truly evaluate the great power of charity?

May we be zoche to herald the coming of Moshiach at this year’s Seder, and cast the shackles of galut behind us forever.


Ma'ot Chitim – "Wheat Money"
Donate to Tzidkat Rashbi Passover charity fund!


In the opening paragraph of the Haggadah recited at the Seder, we declare: "All who are hungry, let them come and eat."


Our nation is a singular entity, and in order to experience freedom ourselves, we must also ensure that our brothers and sisters have the means to celebrate freedom too.


In reality, however, most of the people who are hungry will not be standing in our dining rooms as we begin our Seder, waiting for the invitation. As such, in preparation for the Passover holiday, it is age-old Jewish tradition to contribute generously towards funds that ensure that indeed everyone who is in need has the necessary provisions for the holiday—food, matzah, wine, festive clothing, etc.


This special Passover fund, originally intended to provide the poor with matzah, is known as ma'ot chitim, "the wheat fund," or kimcha d'pischa, "Passover flour."


Don't be left out of this centuries-old web of giving! Tzidkat Rashbi helps the local needy in Tzfat and contribute generously

The cost of the Passover project is over 300,000 dollars.
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