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Prayer Options

Tzidkat Rashbi sponsors a full day Kollel in Kever Rochel Imeinu and Amuka at the Holy Tomb of Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel. Pious rabbis study Talmud and Zohar throughout the day.

The Kollel, located in the adjacent room of the tomb, is a Torah resource for individuals and visitors to gain Torah knowledge and religious inspiration. The Kollel recites your prayers and a heartfelt request at the Holy tomb. Daily prayers are also recited and placed at Meron at the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

On special occasions the Kollel recites prayers at other tzadikim in Tzfat and the Galilee and Tiberious.

You can send us a particular request such as a Shidduch, Health, family well being or any particular-date, such as a Yahrtzeit, birthday, or anniversary. You can dedicate your contribution in memory of a loved one and have Mishnayos learned on their Yahrtzeit, on the date you specify.

Before the names are read, a Rabbi will light a candle in honor of the Tzadik (for the elevation of his soul) and Tehilim and special prayers will be said – a great merit.

Prayers at a specific grave site or on a specific date, or to accompany the delivery with recitation of your request with Tehilim can be done by special arrangement.

Prayer Options

A Minyan of scholars will pray for you, or learn on your behalf, at the tomb of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai in Meron, Kever Rochel Imeinu in Bet Lechem, or at the tomb of Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel in Amukah.

Torah Scholar to recite Tehillim

A Talmid Chacham of our Kollel will recite Tehillim on your behalf.

To sponsor a prayer, please click here.

40 days of prayer

Tzidkat Rashbi is offering to be your messenger for 40 days of prayer at Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron, Kever Rochel in Bet Lechem, or in Amukah.

For more information about a 40 day Prayer, Click here

Feast for the Poor
There is an ancient custom in Israel of making a feast for the poor on the day of a happy family occasion like a wedding. Thus several couples have celebrated their wedding together with the visitors praying in Meron.

Yahrtzeit prayer
Have Mishnayos learned and the Yizkor prayer recited on the yahrtzeit.

Kadish Recital at Kever Rochel

For the memory of a loved one, or to merit salvation.

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