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Holy Sites in Tzfat

Tzfat Cemetery

There are many great leaders buried in the Tzfat or Safad spread out in the village of Tzfat and in the surrounding area.

Following is a brief description of some of these Tzaddikim and where their grave-sites can be found

Mikva Ari

Nachum Ish Gamzu

Located in South Tsfat on Ish Gamzu Street.
Known for saying gam zu l’tova, “this, too, is for the good,” even in the most difficult circumstances.

Benyamin HaTzaddik

Located in south Tsfat, at the bottom of HaNassi Street, to the left.


Rebbe Dosa ben Horkinas

Located in the Cave of Shem and Ever, above the bridge on Jerusalem Street, off of HaPalmach Street. He lived for over 400 years, from the time of the prophet Hagai, until the time of Rabbi Akiva. He said, “A morning nap, drinking wine in the afternoon, indulging in childish talk, or idling the time away with ignorant people, takes a person out of this world.” (Avot 3:10)

Rebbe Yossi Bannai "Tzaddik HaLavan"

Located in the women’s section of the Tzaddik HaLavan synagogue, in the lower section of the old city, on Mekubalim Street, just above the Great Breslev Synagogue.
A Tanna, he lived in the time of Rabbi Meir. The Midrash brings a dialogue between him and a gentile philosopher concerning the creation of the world. (Shemot Rabba 13:1)

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