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Chai Rotel

Chai Rotel is an amount, meaning 54 liters of Wine.

The Segulah and the purpose for Chai Rotel are to fulfill the Holy Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s wish by contributing to the joy and happiness of the Lag B’Omer celebrants by providing them with all necessities and comforts on this holy day.

The distribution of “Chai Rotel Mashka” to individuals who come to Rebbe Shimon’s burial place on Lag B’Omer ensures wonderful Segula merit for the provider. People who distribute Chai Rotel Mashke, 54 liters of drink, to the celebrants, earn Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai’s bracha and blessing.


Those who donate Chai Rotel to Tzidkat Rashbi are truly fulfilling the Rashbi’s wish and are worthy of the Rashbi’s blessing to repay them seven-fold.

You’re Tzidkat Rashbi – Chai Rotel donation not only supplies the traditional drink and food, it also supplies the basic necessities and enables all the celebrants to rejoice and pray in comfort.

Only Tzidkat Rashbi’s Chai Rotel includes all the necessities to make the Lag B’Omer visit a wonderful and spiritual uplifting experience what it was meant to be.

By supporting and contributing the traditional “Chai Rotel Mashke” through Tzidkat Rashbi, you will become a partner in our massive campaign to properly host the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to celebrate Lag B’Omer at the Kever of the Holy Rashbi.

Children, Health, Shidducim, Parnassah, Shalom Bayit or any other Salvation!!!


Great blessings are promised to the people who participate in and contribute to the happiness of Lag B’Omer by the “Rashbi” himself, and countless stories and experiences bear witness to this truth. It is understood that those who honor the guests of Rebbe Shimon who come to rejoice with him, then Rebbe Shimon returns this honor and will not forget them. Not in vain did the earlier Tzadikim speak so strongly about the great segulah of Chai Rotel Mashke.

Thousands of single men and women have met their Beshert. Thousands of barren women and childless couples were blessed with a child of their own. Thousands of sick people, whom doctors had given up all hope, were miraculously cured and tens of thousands of Jewish people have merited their own yeshuot in whatever they were in need for.

“Tzidkat Rashbi” is now offering those around the world the unique opportunity to participate in this great segulah to aid all who are in need of a special merit to improve financial stress, medical problems, and to help find solutions for all difficulties

Bring joy to Rabbi Shimon’s kever in Miron. Help Tzidkat Rashbi ensure that Lag B’Omer is a true celebration of joy. Take advantage of this ancient segulah,appoint Tzidkat Rashbi to distribute Chai Rotel on your behalf. Enjoy the blessing of the great holy tanna, Adonainu Bar Yochai.

With you sponsorship of Chai Rotel, Tzidkat Rashbi will arrange to have prayers said and Zohar learned on your behalf at the kever “Tomb” of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai – a great merit. You will have the opportunity to send your Prayer and Kvitel, to be placed at the grave site of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, on Lag B’Omer. A candle will also be lit at the tomb on your behalf. You can even arrange for a minyan to pray for you, or to learn the holy Zohar on your behalf.

Be worthy of the Reb Shimon Bar Yochai’s promise to repay you tenfold. May K’lal Yisroel see only blessings in abundance and joy!

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