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Please click on the Donate Button to make your donation.

You will be taken to our PayPal donation page,

Cong. Eim Beyisroel - Tzidkat Rashbi to complete your donation.

Additionally, Credit Card donations can be done by simply checking the credit card payment option on your prayer form.

Monthly recurring Donations can be done via PayPal

Donation by Mail

Please make checks payable to CONG TSIDKAS RASHBI and mail to:

USA: Tzidkat Rashbi, 1152 59th Street Unit 2403, Brooklyn, NY 11219

United Kingdom: Tzidkat Rashbi, 36 Linthorpe Rd., London, N16 5RF 6SU

Israel Main Office: Tzidkat Rashbi, 94 Taz Street, Safad, 13440, Israel

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