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Helping the Needy Celebrate Sukkot
The communities of Tzfat and Miron are struggling to survive during this difficult period of time, with the economy executing a spiral collapse and poverty inundating the community.
Tzidkat Rashbi provides the pious people of Tzfat and Miron with all holiday needs so that the residents of the holy cities can experience the true meaning of liberation this Passover.
Give them something to smile about

In the month preceding Sukkot, huge quantities of food are ordered and dozens of volunteers are recruited – all in anticipation for this immense annual undertaking.


As everyone knows, expenses for the holiday of Sukkot are very costly.


With the assistance of  Tzidkat Rashbi, they can enjoy the special joy of Sukkot with the serenity that one can only feel when one’s holiday needs have been met.


A charity for the Sukkot holiday to make sure that even the very poorest of our brothers have enough for the holiday, Hundreds of our poor brethren in Meron and Tzfat, who are in dire need of financial assistance, are waiting for our help.
And a tremendous z’chus also goes to those who support Tzidkat Rashbi during this important time.

Please, give today, Help us – Help them!

We cannot turn them down! We will not turn them down!




Donate to Tzidkat Rashbi charity fund!






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