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Tomchei Shabbat and Holiday– Aid

Tomchei Shabbat and Holiday– Food Distribution

Weekly Food Baskets:

The economic situation in Israel is not an easy one. Many families are struggling just to get bread on the table. Others, stricken by illness or the death of a loved one, are not managing to provide their family with the basics.

Elderly, Frail, Disabled, Ill. Hundreds of families in Tsfat and Miron cannot afford to feed their families.

They turn to Tzidkat Rashbi for help.

Tzidkat Rashbi provides weekly food baskets to these families. We help them ensure that they have their basic nutritional staples. Our baskets include items such as oil, eggs, flour, rice, juice and legumes.

We also include vouchers to purchase meat, poultry and fish.

These simple baskets bring relief to over 200 families every month. They are more than just a basket of food – they are baskets of relief, joy and hope.

Dedicated volunteers deliver meals directly to the houses of the people who need them.

Tzidkat Rashbi delivers Shabbat and Yom Tov packages every Friday and Erev Chag to relieve families of a great burden.

We deliver fresh cooked meals directly to the houses of the people who need them.

The Tomchei Shabbat program is a Chesed undertaking which is run with an equal amount of pride and joy, providing many of the residents in Miron and Tzfat with Shabbat basics, food, and money.

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