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Visitor's Tent

As the years pass, the crowds in Meron celebrating Lag BaOmer have grown to massive proportions. Currently over a half million people are expected to gather in Meron to celebrate and commemorate the holy day of Lag BaOmer and G-d willing the numbers will grow from year to year!

After enduring hours of road traffic (as all routes to Meron are terribly congested), with anxious anticipation a steady companion, especially for those that have come from abroad, (many just having stepped off the plane after a long flight), the travelers will arrive at the site thirsty, hungry, and very exhausted.

Tzidakat Rashbi will be there to take care of all those who wish to relax and receive a hot meal and cold drinks.

As hundreds of thousands are making this difficult journey to receive the blessing of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai, and individuals desperately need a place where they can rest and rejuvenate. 

On this holy day, after pouring out their hearts at the tomb, and hours of energetic dancing in the courtyard, it is our great merit to provide for those honoring the memory of Rashbi.

Chai Rotel Hachnasat Orchim Tent

Tzidkat Rashbi established a modern fully equipped pavilion covering 15,000 sq. ft. of Meron. Volunteers work in shifts around the clock – 24 hours of serving fresh salads, filling sandwiches, steaming cholent, soups, hot kugels, cake, cookies, and a vast selection of hot and cold beverages – all in unbelievable quantities.

In a second cool tent, we constructed divided rooms with one room serving over a hundred thousand cool & hot drinks and refreshments throughout the festivities and many smaller rooms for praying, studying or relaxing. The air-conditioned Study Tent enabled them to pray and rejoice and rest on this special day.

With unprecedented self-sacrifice – the administrators of Tzidkat Rashbi take the heavy burden of financing this colossal project on their own shoulders.

When the Heart is Open – the Hand is Open

Each year, more and more Jews express their genuine will to assist in financially supporting this colossal project. Each one contributes whatever he has the means to – one donates a large sum while another can only afford a small sum. Everyone wants to give something. Everyone wants to take an active part in this special day.

What a tremendous merit it is to donate to this special cause that enables thousands of heartfelt prayers to be said at the gravesite of the holy Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai!

People have undertaken to pay for the tents, prayer rooms, air condition, electric, food, for the cooks and the cleaners, as well as for the logistic expenses of the occasion.

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