Tzfat Guesthouses

Avitan's New one bedroom apartment with 4 beds, porch with view, and jacuzzi.
Kosher kichenette with large fridge, Shabbat amenities.
New Kiryat Breslev above the Old Cemetery, Old City.
$120/ night, $150 Shabbat Rina Avitan 732-481-2020 050-415-6810

Gabbai's Large apartment with 4 bedrooms with 10 beds, 2 living rooms, 2 baths, porch with view.
Full kosher kitchen and Shabbat amenities, air conditioned.
Kiryat Breslev above the Old Cemetery, Old City.
$250/night, price is flexible depending on number of beds.

Mrs. Gabbai - 052-764-5274/5/2, speaks French and Hebrew

Gabbai's studio Studio apt. with 3 beds, bath, kosher kichenette, Shabbat amenities.
Kiryat Breslev above the Old Cemetery, Old City.
$90/night Mrs. Gabbai - 052-764-5274/5/3, speaks French and Hebrew

The Artist Quarter Guesthouse (B&B) in the Artist Quarter of Tzfat
Two beautifully renovated stone domed rooms, a courtyard with outside dining.
The Guesthouse offers Mehadrin Shabbat amenities and Swedish massages for women.
972-54-776-4877 - 054-776-4877

Litvin's Exquisitely designed, beautiful interior 2 bedroom, 7 beds, 2 baths.
Kosher kitchen, Shabbat amenities, air conditioned, car accessible, lawn and view to Meron.
Ten minutes from Old City in private area across from park/playground.
Mrs. Litvin 077-324-0863 $375 for two nights or $225 for one night.

Meyer's Large living room, 1 bedroom, bath, kosher kitchenette, Shabbat amenities.
Kiryat Sanz, Chatam Sofer Street, Old City 04-692-0810, Chaya: 054-763-6715 | email
Price varies according to the number of guests.

Michaeli's New studio apartment with 4 beds and 1 bath.
Kosher kitchenette and Shabbat amenities, car accessable.
Tsfat/Nof Meron triplex
02-649-1080 $65/night-weekday | $85/night-Shabbat

Resnick's New, rustic and cozy, 1 large unit or 3 smaller units
Kosher kitchenette, Shabbat amenities, car accessible.
126 Keren HaYesod, Artists' Quarter 04-692-5251 | 054-596-2448/9 | email
Prices vary with season, discount for yeshiva bachurim

Adler Guest House Air Conditioning, kitchenette, Jacuzzi
Simtat Yud Zayin, close to Old City/Artists' Quarter, off of Jerusalem Street
$50/night - weekday, $75 - Shabbat

Beautiful house, view of Meron, spa treatments and kosher l'mehadrin food available
Artists' Quarter
04-682-1341 | email

Beit Yeshurun Off Abbo Square, Old City
04-697-3167 | 050-543-7288 | email
450-500 shekel for double occupancy 2 night minimum stay

Beit Yosef
Several suites to choose from with all conveniences, beautifully designed
27 Korchak Safed 054-247-2323 | 04-692-2515
Loction in the Old City and the Artists' Colony
450-650 shekel, depending on the day
Possible to add breakfast

Callendar Guestroom Room and bath
20 Tet Vav Street, off of Mayan HaRadum, Artists' Quarter
04-692-0583 | 050-691-4991
250 shekels for double occupancy

Rappeport Guest Rooms
Room and bath with outdoor space Shabbat amenities
Artists' Quarter
04-692-4427-day | 04-697-3604-evening | email

Simcha Leah's Bed & Breakfast
Room and bath w/ shared courtyard
12 Korchak Street, Artists' Quarter
04-692-5258 | 050-955-5827
250 shekels for double occupancy, plus 50 shekels per child over 2

Yisrael and Shoshana Chein
Room and bath with air conditioning
On stairway between HaAri Street and Bar Yochai Street, Old City
04-697-2315 | Yisrael:052-849-5851 | Shoshana:052-876-6840


Ruth Rimonim
HaNasi Street, Artist Quarter
$162 (about 700 shekels) a room for double occupancy

Mercazi (Central) Hotel
37 Jerusalem Street
400 shekels a room for double occupancy w/ breakfast weekday
800-1500 shekels Shabbat double occupancy w/ meals depending on the date
Kosher L'Mahadrin

Ron Hotel
HaTivat Yiftach St, Above Jerusalem St, on the way to the Metzuda (citadel)
300-550 shekels a room for double occupancy* w/ breakfast
600-850 shekels for Shabbat for double occupancy w/ all meals Kosher L'Mahadrin

Tel Aviv Hotel
HaAri Street, Old City
250 shekels a room for double occupancy w/ breakfast
600 for Shabbat for double occupancy w/ all meals Kosher L'Mahadrin

Carmel Hotel
8 HaAri Street, on the corner of Ya’avetz Street, Old City
250-300 shekels a room for double occupancy

Hadar Hotel
Off of Jerusalem Street, near the central bus station, Old City
230-250 shekels for double occupancy

Canaan Spa Hotel
Located on the outskirst of Tsfat.
Prices vary with season.


2 Ari Street, Old City.
Features programs, classes and tours.
See their website at
60-80 shekels a bed | 180-240 shekels for a private room

Beit Benyamin
1 Lochamei HaGetaot, South Tsfat
92 shekels a bed | 178 shekels for private room*

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