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Yom Kippur

Days of Destiny
The Ten Days of Repentance
Teshuvah – Repentance, Tefillah – Prayer, Tzedakah – Charity


Tefillah – Prayer
Everyone needs prayer – for themselves and for those they love – for health, wealth, finding a spouse, conceiving or raising children, forgiveness for sins, for success in business, and for every area of our lives.

Any Jew who has ever visited Meron feels the power of prayer of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai at this holy place. Those who cannot be there in person often send a “Prayer – Kvitel” to be recited by a special messenger of “Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi”, to pray on their behalf and to place the Prayer Kvitel on the tomb of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai – a great merit.

Kupat Tzidkat is happy to offer the opportunity of sending a free Prayer – Kvitel to the “Rashbi” for Rosh Hashanna to be recited by Tzidkat Rashbi Kollel Zohar. Tzidkat Rashbi will also be conducting a special 10 day prayer at the tomb of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai from Rosh Hashanah throughout Yom Kippur every day for the benefit of our donors.

Tzedakah – Charity
When Jews perform charity in the Ten Days of Repentance, then, notwithstanding the good granted on Rosh HaShanah, G-d gives yet more on Yom Kippur. The period between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur – the Ten Days of Repentance – has been granted to Jews to ensure, through their service to G-d, that on Yom Kippur, he will bestow much generosity onto them.

By making a contribution and helping to support the prayer service, making it available for others and to support the Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi humanitarian aid, you will be fulfilling the mitzvah of Tzedakah, one of the three obligations of Rosh Hashanah and ensure a Shannah Tovah for you and your loved ones.


Each Rosh Hashanah, the soul-stirring call of the shofar awakens us from our slumber and fills us with a desire to be better and do better. Ever since our inception, Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi has sounded the call, and answered it, on behalf women, children and families in the Meron and Tzfat. In each of these moments, caring and compassionate individuals like you have helped make Tzidkat Rashbi’s work on behalf of the residents of Meron and Tzfat possible. We’re asking for your help again.


In this difficult time of hardship in Israel, skyrocketing grocery prices and living expense, we all are feeling an increased level of anxiety and economic pinch. But as Jews, we are compelled—in the New Year and all year—to practice kindness and charity.

We can’t stand by while more women and children and families turn to despair. We must do something. Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi’s programs provide a much-needed aid for the community. We need your support, now more than ever, to reach out to the most vulnerable members of our community. Families, slipping through the cracks due to cuts in state and local services cry out for our aid.


This Rosh Hashanah, as you hear the shofar sound, we ask you to take a moment to think about your brethren who desperately need a new beginning this New Year. Your generous support of Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi will help sustain our life-enhancing advocacy and initiatives in the community.

Wishing you a healthy, sweet, new year

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