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Tzidkat Rashbi!

in memory of

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron

Happy Purim
Wednesday evening March 28- Friday March 2

Now is your time to be heard in Heaven

Tzidkat Rashbi aids over 2,000 Families in Tzfat & Meron. Please be a part of this great mitzvah!

Tzfat and Meron’s neediest are waiting for Purim, Give them something to smile about.

Give a food basket to a family and put a smile on thousands of children's faces!

HELP YOURSELF to a precious plateful of opportunity to fulfill the Purim Mitzvah of Matanot  L’Evyoanim, gifts to the poor, by filling the plates of the needy families in Tzfat and Meron in Israel.


HELP YOURSELF to a feast of Heavenly reward by bringing joy to thousands of families lacking the basic necessities and truly need your help.

We help over 1500 families. Now is your opportunity to bring joy and happiness to these families.
Please sponsor as many families as possible.


Realize Purim's potential for miracles through prayer at Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, the Holy Rashbi.


Lag Ba'Omer in Meron
ל"ג בעומר במירון

The holy “Rashbi” pledged happiness and joy to all who would contribute to the happiness of Lag Ba'Omer

Meron Village
מושב מירון

The holy “Rashbi” pledged happiness and joy to all who would contribute to the happiness of Lag Ba'Omer

The Holy Ari
האר"י הקדוש

Hai Av – The 5th day of the month of Av, Yartzeit of the holy Ari Za"l


Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel promised those who will visit his grave on his Yahrtzeit, will see their salvation.

Kever Rachel
קבר רחל

11th Cheshvan is the day of passing of our matriarch Rachel.

Shidduch in

Let the “Rashbi” help in finding your Bashert Shidduch through our unique shidduchem project. 

The Holy Sh'Lah
של"ה הקדוש

Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan attracts thousands to the Holy Shelah buried in Tiberius.

Special Prayer Sites
& Occasions

A Yahrtzeit is significant to pray at the tomb on the anniversary of the Rabbi’s passing.

Tzfat, the City

Safed Tzfat Tsfat Zefat, the Cradle of Kabbalah. Tsfat is a city steeped in holiness,

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