• May 03, 2017
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• Aug 03, 2016
This comong Monday evening (August 8), is the Yahrtzeit (memorial) of the holy Ari buried in Tzfat.
• Jun 26, 2016

Shabbat Kodesh 26, of the month of Sivan (July 2nd)
is the Yahrtzeit of the famous Talmudic sage
Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel z"l

This Shabbat Parshat Korach in Israel and Parashat Sh'lach in the diaspra, is the Yahrtzeit of Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel. Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel promised that those who will visit his grave especially on his Yahrtzeit will see their salvation and countless stories and experiences bear witness to this truth.

Shidduchem, Children, Health Parnasah and Nachas from Children
• May 01, 2016
This year Lag B'Omer occurs on May 25th, Wednesday evening. Tzidkat Rashbi will B'Ezrat Hashem prepare and serve meals for the thousands of visitors who will come from around the world to spend Lag B'Omer in Miron.

On Thursday the day of Lag B'Omer, Tzidkat Rashbi will prepare and serve over 500,000 meals in our huge tent.

Please join us in a prayer on this holy day. Please pledge your traditional Chai Rotel now.
• Apr 14, 2015
This year Lag B'Omer occurs on May 6th, Wednesday evening. Tzidkat Rashbi will B'Ezrat Hashem prepare and serve meals for the thousands of visitors who will come from around the world to spend Lag B'Omer in Miron.

On Thursday the day of Lag B'Omer, Tzidkat Rashbi will prepare and serve over 500,000 meals in our huge tent.

Please join us in a prayer on this holy day. Please pledge your traditional Chai Rotel now.
• Mar 16, 2015
14 GIVE "FREEDOM" THIS PASSOVER TO NEEDY TZFAT FAMILIES! Passover Food Cards are being distributed to thousands of needy families in Meron and Tzfat. 5,000 children will benefit from your donation. Tzidkat Rashbi is again hosting a huge bazaar this Wednesday at Paltin Hall in Tzfat. Money vouchers have been dispersed to thousands of Tzfat families to purchase necessities at already subsidized prices.
  Special Prayer Events

“Even after death, the tzaddikim are called living.” (Berachot 18a)

A Yahrtzeit is a special occasion. It is particularly significant to pray at the tomb on the anniversary of the rabbi’s death, on the Hebrew date.
You can participate in the holy Yahrtzeits Prayers byl by sending us your prayers.
Tzidkat Rashbi makes a very special and sincere effort to recite all your prayers. Your prayers are very important to you and to us as well.
Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi takes them very seriously and goes to great lengths and expenses to have them recited properly on the holy sites.

Rabbi Yasaiah Horowitz "Shlah Hakadosh", Tveria -Yahrtzeit, 11 Nisan
Join 1000s of mothers worldwide in reciting the traditional prayer of the Shelah Hakadosh that should be read annually on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan for our children.
His burial site is in Tiberias, near the tomb of the Rambam.

Bet Yosef - Rebbe Yosef Karo, Tzfat – Yahrtzeit, 13 Nissan
Rabbi Yosef Caro, one of the most important and influential Jewish scholars of the last thousand years, was the head of the Zefat Beit Din (Rabbinical Court) as well as its Chief Rabbi for over 35 years. He passed on at the venerable age of 87 and is buried in the cemetery in Safed.

Rabbi Ya'acov Beirav, Tzfat - Yahrtzeit, first day of Iyar 1546
Born in 1475 in Castile, Spain. Studied Torah under the tutelage of Rabbi Yitzhak Abuhav. Among his pupils were Yosef Caro, Moshe Cordovero, Moshe De Mitrani (the Mabit), and others. He was regarded in his time as the rabbi of the sages of Safed.

Rebbe Meir Baal Haness, Tveria - Yahrtzeit, 14th of Iyar
Rabbi Meir’s nickname, Ba'al Haness, means “miracle worker” and comes from a Talmudic story describing how he saved his sister-in-law from the clutches of the Romans by a combination of subterfuge and uttering a single prayer: “God of Meir – answer me.”

Jews have been coming to Rabbi Meir’s tomb at least since the thirteenth century, and over the years the blue-domed building, became a special place to pray for healing or other divine intervention. Rabbi Meir’s wife was Bruria, who is mentioned in the Talmud as being learned in Torah. For centuries, Jews throughout the world have given charity in honor of Rebbe Meir Baal Haness.

Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, Meron - Yahrtzeit, 18 Iyar
On Lag B’Omer masses of people throng to the small village of Meron, no one wanting to miss the opportunity to benefit from the Z’chut (merits) available at this holy site on this holy day. Lag B'Omer is the anniversary of the passing-on more than eighteen hundred years ago of the renowned Holy Tanna, the “Rashbi”, Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai.

At the tomb itself, individuals push and shove for a place among the crowds, yearning to be closer to the great tzaddik, for even a moment. Tears are a common sight, and on this day, no one is ashamed to be seen crying as visitors pour out their hearts, their sorrows, and their hopes to the One Above. An old folk saying depicts the Lag B’Omer scene ever so accurately, “Simchas Torah outside – Yom Kippur inside.” How stark the contrast between the joyful dancing and tearful supplications, yet there is no contradiction. The opportunity for prayer is too great, the joy surrounding it, even greater.

Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel Yahrtzeit, Amuka – Yahrtzeit, 26, Sivan
Yonatan Ben-Uziel was a disciple of the famed Second Temple era Rabbi Hillel. A man of great goodness and wisdom.
Over the centuries the tradition developed that those seeking their soul-mates would be married within the year if they prayed at Ben-Uziel’s tomb. Those seeking a match, have been known to intentionally forget their sidur, prayer book with their details or leave notes with their names, emails and phone numbers to help their future spouse with their task! This blessing has worked for all these centuries and countless numbers of people have married.

The tomb is located within the scenic Biriya Forest near the mystical city of Tzfat.

Rabbi Moshe Cordevero (the 'Ramak') , Tzfat – Yahrtzeit, 23rd of Tammuz, 5330 (1570)
The Ramak was a student of the renowned Rabbi Yosef Caro, author of Shulchan Aruch. He initiated the kabbalist custom of studying in nature and visiting the graves of ancient ages in the mountains of the Galilee. He called these nature trips Gerushin - from the Hebrew word Migrash, a plot of land - and he described the walks in his book, Sefer Hagerushin.

At the young age of forty-eight, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero passed away in Safed. In his eulogy, the Arizal declared that Rabbi Moshe was so pure and saintly that his death could only be attributed to the sin of Adam. According to the Arizal's testimony, the bier bearing Ramak to his burial place in Safed was preceded by a pillar of fire.

Ari Hakadosh, "The Holy Arizal", Tzfat – Yahrtzeit, 5 Av
Rabbi Isaac Luria - On Hai Av, the yahrtzeit of the holy Ari za”l, thousands swarm the Tsfat Cemetery. Tzidkat Rashbi provides food, drink, and shelter to the thousands who come to pray at the ancient cemetery in Tzfat on Hai Av the yahrtzeit of the Ari HaKodesh.
The Arizal's kever is located in the middle of the cemetery, housed by a large platform for the many visitors who come to pray.

Rachel Imeinu, Bet Lechem Yahrtzeit, 11 Cheshvan
Since the time of her burial- more than 3000 years ago, the Tomb of Rachel has always been a special place for prayer.

Reb Leib – Baal HaYissurim, Tzfat - Yahrtzeit, 15th of Mar-Cheshvan 1836
Rabbi Leib "Baal Ha'yissurin" -- "The Master of Suffering" or "The Afflicted One"-- was an outstanding scholar and G-d-fearing man, a major disciple of Rabbi Shneur Zalman, the first Rebbe of Chabad. He was the first Chabad chasid to emigrate to the holy city of Hebron. It is not known how he acquired his title. At the end of his life he settled in Tsfat (Safed), where he passed away.

Knowing his end to be near, he let it be known that anyone who found himself beset by insoluble problems (G-d forbid) should visit his grave. This amounted to a commitment to come to a person's aid, and to this very day there are many who visit his grave in Tsfat hoping to benefit from his assistance to their prayers, especially on Friday afternoon.

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